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Proudly Serving Worcester County

For nearly a decade, The Chop Shop’s Milford location has been proudly serving Massachusetts and northern parts of Rhode Island. Conveniently located off Route 16 and minutes from I-495, The Chop Shop Milford has solidified it’s place as one of the most well-known and well-respected barbershops outside of Boston.


We try to accommodate walk-ins but appointments are preferred.

**Jake is at this location Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9AM-1PM only.



Carlos Cho


The boss man. Jake started cutting friends and family in the mid 90’s. Although school wasn’t his strong suit, he attended college for a couple of years. After a haircut from his brother, whom was also self-taught, he decided to pick up the clippers again. School became a bother, so he dropped it and went to barber school. His passion for serving people has lead him and this shop to heights never imagined.

Anthony Kaufmann


Brandon has been with this shop since the first year it opened. Just a consistent hard-worker who seemingly never gets tired. He could probably have his own Boston sports podcast but keeps that conversation loaded up for the people in his chair. Flawless styles, and great conversation has this man booked up at least a week in advance. Plan accordingly.

Janet Lee


Every client that leaves his chair looks like they just stepped out of a photoshoot; not one hair out of place, perfectly styled with the correct product. John has an amazing attention to detail and as you get to know him, you find he’s a man of principles. He lives a dedicated lifestyle and it shows up in every cut.

Donna Aiko


Ryan started here as a client when he was a kid. He always wanted to cut hair on the side and would ask Jake a lot of questions about the craft. Jake told him he should go to barber school when he graduated and he would have a job waiting for him. Ryan did it and Jake held up his end. Now he’s here making a living! Ryan has the ability to talk to anyone about anything. Like all the barbers here, he leaves his outside life at the door so he can focus on you 100%. But he just does it better somehow.

Carlos Garcia

B. Robinson

B stands for Brandon. Since we already had a Brandon, we decided to go by his last name. Mystery solved. Being full of energy and ready to joke with anyone has made this man very popular over here. He’s also a part-time streamer so you may run into him if you play Apex. Always positive and funny and always willing to go the extra mile, Robinson is a thoroughbred barber.

Jose Campbell


Jeff is a bonafide artist with the clippers and shears. This is second career for him which has fueled a fire to succeed like no other. Very organized and on point, Jeff has carved out a large clientele in a short amount of time here. He has a thirst for knowledge and enjoys teaching what he knows. Thats a combination that can only breed respect.

Catherine Garcia


Seth served in the U.S. Army for 6 years making him the shop’s only military veteran. His dedication and commitment shows up in every haircut. Seth is just a genuine person and always interested in how you’re doing. His attention to detail and willingness to serve has amassed him a clientele very quickly.

Jacqueline Ojeda


Lenin started cutting hair right out of high school. He did not want to take the traditional route of college to a regular job. He’s the youngest of the crew but keeps such a great balance of old-soul wisdom and young-man curiosity. If you wanna talk about imports or street wear, he’s the man.


178 East Main St.
Milford, MA 01757

Tuesday - Friday: 9AM–7PM
Saturday: 8AM–4PM


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